Smart Ways To Make Your Graduation Money Work For Your Future

The average college graduate receives $1,847 worth of cash and gifts. With these 12 smart spending strategies, you’ll be able to treat yourself while learning to be financially responsible.

1. Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Big Purchases

If you’re going to make a big purchase like a new TV cror laptop, consider buying a discount gift card to save money

2. Shop Through Cash-Back Apps

Whether you’re buying work clothes, new electronics, or apartment stuff, these apps help your graduation money go further by giving you a portion of your total sale back.

3. Keep Control Over Your Spending

If you’re starting to feel like your spending is out of control, try shopping with cash. 

The average American spends over $200 a month eating out! There’s nothing wrong with eating out, but eating out every day is sure to bust your budget.

4. Set Yourself Up To Cook At Home

to let your graduation money work for you