How To Make Money With A Closet Cleanout

Even if we’re not candidates for an extreme hoarding reality show, most of us have closets or boxesfilled with stuff we don’t use or need.

Good Reasons To Declutter

Decluttering can: - Reduce anxiety - Give you energy and motivate you - Increase self-confidence - Help you re-discover what you own

6 Easy Steps To Clean Out Your Closet

Now you know why you should be cleaning your closet, take a quick look at how you can get started.

1. Schedule Your Cleanout

Decluttering can take time. Ensure you have a good hour or two set aside. You don’t want to abandon the task halfway.

2. Empty Your Closet

Take absolutely everything out–clothing, bags, shoes, hats, scarves, accessories, and even the hangers.

3. Sort Clothing Into Piles

When you're going through your stuff, make different piles. Create a keep, sell, and maybe pile.

4. Reassess The Maybe Pile

Ask yourself: – Will I wear this again? – Does it fit? – Does it suit my lifestyle? – When last did I wear it? – Do I really like it?

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