How To Make Money On Facebook And 14 Ways People Are Doing It

Take a moment to visualize 2.4 billion people on the plant spending anywhere from 5 minutes to the average 145 minutes on social media.

No reason to bury the lead. Here are the more unique ways on how to make money on Facebook. As we go down this list, we’ll start with the most interesting money-making ideas and end with the more obvious.

Create & Sell Facebook Messenger Chatbots

As businesses use Facebook more and more to engage with their audiences, they’re finding direct messaging to be the most personable.

Create & Host Events On Facebook Events Tool

With Facebook, you can create an event for your audience, send them regular updates, take payments and even host the event through Facebook.

Market Yourself As A Social Media Manager

It’s a highly sought-after position as many businesses understand they need to regularly engage with their social media audiences but lack the staff and experience to create quality content.

Join A Sweepstakes Facebook Group And Enter In Bulk

Sweepstakes may not sound like a guaranteed way to make money, but it’s fun and a great way if you need money now.

Facebook Content Creator

These are people who build large followings on the social network and regularly produce content for their audiences.