How I Make Money On Crowdtap In My  Free Time

A buddy of mine recently told me about Crowdtap and how I can earn gift cards by using my free time to answer my mobile phone surveys.

Crowdtap users share their opinion after testing out new products or answering surveys about potential products or ideas.

What Is Crowdtap?

I documented the steps I took to create a Crowdtap account and what was involved in starting making money.

The Crowdtap Signup Process

After learning about Crowdtap, I went to their website and found two ways to create an account. I could either use my Facebook account or use an email address.

The Onboarding Process

Crowdtap was attempting to filter out automated bots and other people who were not interested in providing valuable feedback but wanted to make a quick buck.

Missions are actions for users to complete to earn points, which are later exchanged for  gift cards.

Earning Points By Completing Missions

Each time you complete a mission, you earn a certain number of points. Each mission will provide you with a different number of points, which are identified ahead of time.

How To Earn Crowdtap Rewards

How I Make Money On Crowdtap In My Free Time