How I Make Money On Crowdtap In My Free Time

A buddy of mine recently told me about Crowdtap and how I can earn gift cards by using my free time to answer my mobile phone surveys.

In exchange for providing my feedback about brands and products, Crowdtap sends you electronic gift cards you can use at popular online stores.

The Crowdtap Signup Process

I could either use my Facebook account or use an email address. I used the Facebook account process because I’m lazy since I figured it would be fewer steps.

The Onboarding Process

The series of questions made me type specific words in a text box to see if I was paying attention and made me check boxes related to the program’s rules and integrity.

Verifying My Account

Crowdtap required me to verify my account. The verification process involved providing my real name, address, and phone number.

Questionnaire Missions

Questionnaires ask you a series of questions to provide information back to the brand sponsoring the action.