Don’t Stress! Make A Travel Checklist


Do you love taking vacations but hate packing? Make a travel checklist to ensure you pack everything you need before you leave on a trip.

Here are the things you need to pack. You may not need to  bring everything, but build your own travel checklist for each trip.

1.  Travel Documents

2. Clothing - A nice outfit - Casual outfits - Sweater - Socks, underwear - Swimwear - Pajamas - Shoes

3. Toiletries & Medication

4. Travel Essentials – Cash, credit cards, and debit cards – Cellphone and charger – Sunglasses – A bag or large purse – Laundry bag for dirty clothes – Electrical converter or travel adaptor

How strategic you pack your luggage also depends on where you’re going and how you’re traveling.