Ludacris Net Worth [More Than You Think]


Ludacris’s popularity has made him one of the most well-known recording artists globally, and with it, has made him a tycoon in the industry.

The original name of Ludacris is Christopher Brian Bridges, and he is from an African  American family.

Ludacris is a famous American rapper, actor and owns his own record label. He is the founder of “Disturbing Tha Peace”, a subsidiary of Def Jam Recordings.

Over the course of his career, he has won many awards, including three Grammy Awards. His rap songs have captured the hearts and souls of America time and  time again.

His business ventures keep him busy between the movies, and hopefully, we haven’t heard the last of his musical career.

He also owns an impressive estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. His real estate investment contributes a lot to his total net worth.

The estimated net worth of Ludacris is $28 million, and he earned that much because he kept developing throughout his career.