How To Invest In Low-Cost Index Funds [Simple]

If you’re overwhelmed with the entire idea of investing, I understand. I was too when I first started investing the past year.

I really didn’t know where to start, so I started googling. Soon I was lost in the interwebs and landed on a page  talking about low-cost index funds.

Index funds are passively managed funds. Their goal is to match the performance of an index.

Index Funds 101

Low-Cost Index Funds

Investing in low-cost index funds is the best way to keep your take-home profit as big as possible.

How To Pick Low-Cost Index Funds

– Low fees of below 0.3%  – Transparency, where you should be able to see in which stocks/bonds is invested – Diversified across diverse countries/companies

How Do I Start Investing?

Low-cost index funds, only take 0.2-0.3% of your profits. They track a certain index, making sure you get the average stock market returns.