Amazing Benefits Of Living Like A College Student


When you’ve finished college, the best thing about landing your first job is that you finally have sufficient money to do things.

Maybe it isn’t so bad to keep living like a college student for a couple of extra years.

When you have finished college and started getting your first paycheck, I remember the feeling of having so much money in my account. It was amazing!

I went to eat out more, went on more trips to visit friends, and spent more on groceries. After a couple of months, I noticed I was inflating my lifestyle and I decided to cut back on it.

There is no need to be too strict about the budget and feel like you’re restricting yourself. You can live have a fun frugal life all at the same time.

I spend a lot of money on things that make me happy, like travel and festivals. But I will brutally cut back on things that I do not care about, like eating out and cars.

When you’re going for your financial goals, it is more important to look ahead than to overspend and need to look back all the time.