Home Squeezed Home: Living In 160 Square Feet

Today I want to talk to you about how living in a 160 square feet apartment has benefited me financially. You don’t need to live in a 1500 square foot apartment to  feel happy.

Here are my reasons why I live in a 160 square feet apartment and  enjoy it.

1. It’s Cheap

Obviously, living in a 160 square feet room and sharing all facilities is cheap. I live in a city, reasonably close to the city center, and I pay $310 rent, including utilities and WIFI.

2. Strive For Your Financial Goals

When I first learned about FIRE and the benefits that it could give me, I noticed that living in a cheap apartment already put me one step ahead in the game.

3. You Decrease Your Wants

Moving is always a lot of work and to be honest, I hate it. Luckily when you’re moving from or to a small(er) house, you don’t have to move as much stuff.

4. You Live Lighter

Your life becomes simplified, you know the things you value, and you become lighter. You know what makes you happy and what fills your cup.

5. It Forces Good Habits

It forces you to edit the space, and move things around to make use of the space as efficiently as possible.