Amazing Benefits Of Living Like A College Student


Have you stopped studying but still living like a college student? No worries. Living like a college student may  just be what you need  to impact your financial future.

When you have landed your first job and you’re earning more money, that doesn’t mean that you should spend it all.

The Math Of Living Like A College Student

How I Avoid Overspending

When I was in college, there was definitely no room for overspending. I would try and save as much as possible for fun things I really enjoyed doing.

My Major Savings Categories

The major thing I do to save money every month is to live in a small apartment, have no car available anymore, and keep my other spending in check.

How I Avoid Feeling Like I’m Missing Out

If you’re having a budget, you should feel like you’re spending on things that make sense to you and that give you joy.

Set Yourself Up Financially Successful

If you start with building up your financial habits right when you’re out of university and still working your weekend jobs, it’s easier to stick to all of it.

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