Lifestyle Deflation – Boost Your Finances &  Your Life


So let’s talk about lifestyle deflation? It is basically the idea that people want to decrease the amount of money they spend every month compared to their income.

With lifestyle deflation, you are removing spending from your life. You simplify your life and this can benefit you a lot.

If you are committed to deflating your lifestyle, you will succeed for sure. It will take effort but it will be worth it!

Tracking your expenses can also show you how much your lifestyle is inflating. Perhaps you feel like you’re spending a lot of money but  your lifestyle is  actually deflating.

It can be hard to start a budget at first but make sure you stick to your budget and it will be worth it.

Look for places with a major impact on your spending and start there. Things like housing, cars, eating out, and groceries.

Lifestyle deflation can boost your finances and your life. You don’t need to be a minimalist or sell all your belongings and go live out of  a backpack.