Large Cap Vs. Mid Cap Vs. Small Cap Stocks – What’s Right For You?


When we start investing, people try to convince us that we can best invest in individual stocks when we want to  build wealth.

Here’s what you need to know about market capitalization and how you can optimally use it to diversify your investments.

Small cap stocks may lack liquidity, which could mean it takes longer for orders to fulfill. Plus, it may be harder for them to attract capital.

Companies in the mid cap range can be small cap companies that are growing or mid cap companies in some very profitable niches.

Large cap stocks’ advantages are that they’re stable, transparent in their financials, and they can decide to pay out dividends over time.

Before you even start considering investing in small- or mid cap companies, know that with a higher return comes higher risk.

Only consider focusing on mid cap and small cap stocks when you are okay with the additional volatility and are investing for the long term.