Labor Day Blues: Is Working 8 Hours A Day Too Much?

There are many people who realize that the way we do work nowadays is a little outdated. People who think that working 8 hours a day is too much.

So why exactly is a 8 hour work day too much? What are the reasons you don’t NEED to work 8 hours a day?

1. You Might Not Need 8 Hours For Your Job

The truth is, many positions don’t need the full attention of an employee for 8 full hours every day.

2. Is An 8-Hour Work Day Productive?

According Ohio University, the average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes each 8-hour workday.

3. It’s All About Options

Employees are starting to realize that there is a better way of living for them than the 8 hour workday.

4. Do What Fits You Best

There are so many other options to the traditional 8-hour workday. You can run your own business, determine your own hours, and get instantly more freedom.

Employees need to realize that they can choose whether the traditional 8-hour workday is for them or not. Do you think working 8 hours a day is too much?