How To Keep A Gratitude Journal To Improve Your Life

Do you want to keep a gratitude journal and actually stick to it? Here you will learn how to keep a gratitude journal to improve your life and tips for sticking to it.

It made us all very joyful to reflect back on the day and think about what moment made us grateful for the weekend away with friends.

Here's how to keep a gratitude journal and be able to improve your life.

Some value a pretty journal, some like unlined pages, and some prefer to keep a digital gratitude journal. Think about what you prefer and go for it!

1. Get A Journal

If you want to start journaling, do it together with your morning routine or when you’re in bed reading books before going to sleep.

2. Determine When You’ll Write

When you try out different gratitude journal prompts, you will quickly learn which gives you the most positive energy and which gives you the best feeling.

3. Think Of Gratitude Journal Prompts

The more specific you get, the easier it is to feel  the emotion.

4. Connect With The Emotion

The thing is that for keeping a gratitude journal, there are no rules about how to do it. It is by you, for you, not needing to be seen by anyone else.

5. Do What Works For You

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