13 Journaling Ideas: Don’t Fear The  Empty Page!

You have a brand new journal and excitedly open the first blank page. Suddenly, you realize you have nothing to write. Don’t worry. It happens to us all!

Journaling Ideas

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Everyone loves the smell of new leather notebooks, but new software like Obsidian has made digital journal keeping real competition for your beautiful Moleskin.

1. Keep A Digital Diary

Write a letter to someone you know or someone you’ve never met. You don’t need to send it.

2. Write A Letter

Track your family’s genealogy in your journal. Start by creating a family tree and filling in as many members as possible.

3. Genealogy

If you find writing your journal daily challenging, commit to jotting down a daily reflection.

4. Daily Reflection

Gratitude journaling is a therapeutic practice of writing down things that make you  feel grateful.

5. Gratitude Journaling


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