10 Interesting Jobs With Housing Included

Have you ever considered the possibility of reducing your living expenses by finding a job where accommodation  is included?

Jobs With Housing Included

1. Military Personnel

Not a job for everyone, but a benefit of moving with the military is that you will likely have several housing options in the new location.

2. Pilot

The airline takes care of crew members’ lodging and expenses while on a trip. As many pilots do not live where they are based, some opt to commute.

3. TEFL Teacher

Many employers provide teaching jobs with housing included, making it an affordable way to travel and work simultaneously.

4. Hotel Manager

Some hotels offer accommodation to their hotel managers to provide them with close access to the property and ensure they are available for any required tasks after hours.

5. Cruise Ship Employee

The cruise ship employees, from cooks to cabin stewards, are provided with onboard accommodations at sea.