From Couch to Cash: The Top Jobs for Lazy People

Are you searching for a job that offers flexibility, minimal stress, and good pay? While some may view this as a lazy or unrealistic desire, there's good news for those who share this sentiment.

Good news for the slackers out there: there are many jobs for lazy people.

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1. Movie Extra

You will have the opportunity to appear on film or television and make a quick buck for just staying in the background.

2. Professional Cuddler

This is ideal employment for someone who enjoys hugging. You might earn $40 to $80 per hour, excluding tips.

3. Personal Trainer

You assist others in getting hit and improving their health, frequently assisting them to ensure appropriate form  and safety.

4. Food Critic

You can earn money while satisfying your tastebuds–this is a foodie’s dream job.

5. Hotel Sleep Tester

Hotels are willing to pay people to evaluate their beds. You get to test the comfort of mattresses and get paid to nap all day.