12 Fun And Simple Jobs For 10 Year Olds


Financial literacy is an essential survival skill. Getting kids ready for success means teaching them basic survival skills that are right for  their age.

Even at a young age, you can teach your child how to make money with these jobs for 10 year olds.

1. Perform In Movie Or Artistic Productions

If you have a child at home who says they want to be on television one day, consider movie roles as a 10-year- old job.

2. Yard Work

In exchange for a small payment, your 10 year old can mow the lawn in the summer, shovel snow in the winter, rake leaves in the fall, and plant flowers in the early spring.

3. Lemonade Stand

Kids can learn essential lessons like counting money, giving change, and providing  customer service.

4. Organize Clutter

If you have a 10-year-old, they can help you clean up the over-filled garage or the unsightly spare room. Offer compensation for their  hard work.

If your 10-year-old has a creative mind and is skilled with their hands, an Etsy shop is an excellent place to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

5. Etsy Store