12 Easy Jobs For 10 Year Olds - Earn Extra Bucks

In an investigation of 2,000 American parents of children aged 8 to 14, 83% of parents wish they had learned more about finances as children.

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You can teach your child how to make money with these jobs for 10  year olds.

1. Sell Stock Images

A kid with a photography background can make money from selling their images through a stock site like Istock, Dreamstime, and Shutterstock.

2. Paper Route

Your child can earn money while staying in shape by obtaining a route that allows them to ride their bike during deliveries.

3. Dog Walker

It’s important to consider whether the dog and the child are a good match. For instance, a small breed might be safer than a large breed for a ten-year-old.

4. Plant Sitter

Your neighbors can entrust their houseplants to your child’s  care in a manner analogous to pet sitting.

5. Office Assistant

Your 10- year-old will do so well helping with small tasks in the office, from alphabetizing files to arranging documents.