Does Your Job Define You?


Often we make generalizations about someone largely based on what kind of work they do.

Assumptions are just assumptions, it doesn’t mean that they should be true in every case. When someone has a specific job, that doesn’t mean that is what they value.

Reasons To Not  Let Your Job  Define You

1. Your career isn’t around forever. It can be hard to let go of your job if you let it define you.

2. You are more than your job. If work is the only thing you can talk about, it can get a little boring for the ones around.

3. Your job doesn’t define your happiness Happiness is about valuing what you already have. What is already in your life. It’s not something that comes from a higher salary or a promotion.

Think about what gives you joy – things that you love to share with other people. Things that you are proud of. If you put the emphasis on that, it will help you stay more positive.