Is Renting  Still A Smart Financial Decision For Families?


Renting was becoming a popular choice even for people who could afford to buy homes. But the past two years have changed the  world significantly.

What was once considered a smart financial decision may now no longer make sense. Does this apply to rent as well?

People now have to pay a higher proportion of their income towards rent, and paying such high prices for a home that will never be yours  is not the best  financial approach.

There are landlords who will allow you to sub-let, but it is much more difficult and you will earn less than you would with your own place.

Renting out parts of the home you are living in is no one’s idea of a dream life, but it is a way to bring in much-needed cash.

Most people would prefer to be in a situation of homeownership. The unfortunate reality is that this is just not possible for millions  of Americans.