40 Invention Companies That Buy Ideas


A great idea comes every now and then for most of us. Whether due to some vision, realization, or brainstorming session, ideas for new products may come to us  at any time.

There are many inventors struggling to sell their ideas. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of invention companies that buy ideas from inventors like you.

1. Unilever

2. Mustang Survival If you have new ideas, designs, and products that could be of help to enhance the protections that our soldiers use, then you may send your ideas to them.

3. Hyper Pet LLC

4. Eco-Products This company challenges people to rethink single-use products and focus more on recyclable items.

Reach out to these invention companies for them to buy or invest in your ideas. Giving up is not an option, moving forward with your idea should be your  calling card.