Feeling Impatient On The Road To Financial Independence – 4 Ways To Overcome Them

I’m a big advocate of automating your saving and investing by paying yourself first. So after I’ve set that up, I’m tracking and trying to regularly update my spreadsheets

I have to wait now. Wait for the paycheck to roll in, wait for my next salary increase, wait until my investments accumulate. All the while I still want to have fun in life!

It’s not just about pursuing financial independence, it’s about teaching people they can do what they want and be whoever they want to be!

Avoid Rather Than Resist Temptation

Eliminate your triggers. If promotion emails make you buy stuff online, unsubscribe from those emails.

Document Your Progress

If you map out everything, you can pace yourself accordingly. Knowing what you want and how much of it you want, is an important focus.

Create Short Term Goals

If you pace yourself accordingly, it’s important to create short-term goals that make you feel like you’re making progress.

Don’t Over-Focus

Starting out I was focusing on every cent I invested, every increase in savings, and everything I spend.