I Hate My Job – 5 Reasons You Say It


I hate my job! When do you say that you need to change your job? Whatever your reason is, you can decide  for yourself.

There are certain challenges and difficulties every person faces in their job. And these issues influence a person’s determination in doing their work.

If you like your boss, you love to go to work every day. If you don’t share a friendly bond with your team lead, coming to work may be a struggle for you.

Not every workplace rewards its employees for efforts and good work. It can be why you develop negative feelings for the job and say I hate my job.

Every employee works to meet deadlines and targets, which sometimes becomes stressful.

Be realistic in setting your expectations. While some of us truly love what they do, the majority are bringing home paychecks to support their lifestyle.

So you need to find the right balance of finding work that can provide enough income for you and your family while making you happy  and fulfilled.