How To Turn $100 Into $1000: Top 10 Legit Ways

Do you know there are legitimate ways to multiply your money quickly?  Yes, it’s possible!

If you’re curious about how to turn $100 into $1000, we might just have the steps you need to  do that.

1. Start A Blog And Monetize It

You can monetize it by enabling advertising services like Ezoic or Google AdSense. You can also monetize your blog through affiliate links, and paid subscriptions.

2. Invest In Stock Or Cryptocurrency

Many people like to be actively involved in stocks and indulge in day trading to make frequent small profits.

3. Start An ECommerce Venture

You need to decide the product you want to sell. How well you do depends on the nature of your product and how you market it to your potential target customers.

4. Make YouTube Videos And Earn

You have to invest a little to make a channel. To make the videos, you only need to spend some money on equipment like a camera, phone,  or laptop.

5. Venture Into Dropshipping

The key is to find a product at a lower rate than the market rate and sell it for a price lower than the market rate but higher than your seller’s rate.