How To Stick To Your Budget – 9 Motivation Tips

I love money – saving money and making more money is my jam. But every now and then I’m completely unmotivated and want to spend all of it.

It can be hard to stick to your budget. Finding motivators is essential in this, so you will continue to work towards your goals at any time. Without this motivation, you might be tempted to give up your financial goals easily.

Pay Yourself First

If you have savings or debt payoff goals, pay those things first. When you receive your salary, this amount goes automatically towards your financial goals.

Keep It Real

If you want to set up a budget – be clear about why you want to do it. If you want to go on holiday, that’s a good goal. It’s important to keep your budget as realistic as possible.

Hang Out With Like-Minded People

Sharing your goals with others will work for sure! If you don’t have any friends who are into budgeting and money, there are many ways to do it. Share it on social media. If you want to take it to the next step: start a blog!

Make Your Goals Visual

There are different methods to make your goals visual. You can cut out photos of magazines and paste them onto a blank paper. You can use Pinterest to make a digital version – let’s connect on Pinterest so I can see what you’re making. Or you can print out a single photo and keep it with you.

Set Smaller Goals

Setting smaller goals in between will help you to steadily work towards your financial end goals. It’s a nice way to challenge yourself – make it a game. This will keep you motivated and on track.

Keep Track

If you’ve set up your budget and have taken care of the accountability – it’s important to keep track of these smaller goals you’re setting. Every now and then you should review your process.

Reward Yourself, Have Fun

For everyone who is not thrilled about sitting down to keep track of their budget, try to reward yourself for doing it. Make it fun! Give yourself a nice treat when you’re working on your budget. Get a snack you love, go on a walk, go to your favorite bookstore, do something you love.