Blogging is what changed my life. I started this blog in December 2018 and have learned a LOT, so I want to share my experience of starting a personal finance blog with you.

You are looking for a free, step-by-step beginner guide on how to start a personal finance blog and at some point make money with it?  Look no further!

Should You Start A Personal Finance Blog?

To explain shortly, a blog is a website that focuses on written content or blog posts. You can start a successful blog on any topic you want!  Mostly, bloggers write from a personal perspective, they share their story to connect with their readers.

Reasons To Start A Personal Finance Blog

If you’re not sure yet if blogging is for you, here are a few reasons:

- Make money from home - Share your story - Find a great community

Step 1: Pick A Personal Finance Blog Niche

There are a lot of niches you can choose from:

- Financial freedom - Early retirement - Paying off debt - Making extra income - Passive income - Investing - Side hustles - Frugality -Minimalism

Step 2: Choose Your Blog Name

Tips to find a good domain name: 1. It should be short (2-3 words) 2. It should be related to what you want to blog about (niche) 3. Ideally, it is available in the .com version, BUT a .org or .net will also work!

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