How To Start A Business Without Quitting Your Job – 7 Steps To Start


I started to think of ways to start a business without quitting my job. I don’t hate my job. I would rather be retired already, but it is manageable for me to stay at my job and build a business from there.

Think about the first small step that you can take towards achieving whatever it is you want.

Ask yourself, what do I enjoy? Maybe it’s photography. That’s great. Now find a way to make money doing it.

Most people want to take the skill they use in their current job and use them to start  their business.

But the further you get in the side hustle, the better it would be to look for contractors or freelancers who can do some work for you.

When you have your fantastic team, you will do more of what sparks your joy, and you will focus on working on your business. You do what you can do best, and so do they.

Becoming an entrepreneur is really hard work. That much is true. But if you want to start a business, you need to develop a plan and have the right mindset to do so.