I’m a big advocate of keeping my spending low, which is facilitated by my employer, landlord, and Lidl.

There are several very important things that I do to lower my grocery spending. I’ve reverse engineered and identified what makes me keep my food spending low.

Grocery Shop Once Per Week

If you’re in doubt how to lower your grocery spending, I would really recommend only going once per week. You don’t get tempted as much to buy snacks or treats, you eat healthier and it generally saves you time. win-win-win!

Eat Everything In The Fridge

Plan ahead so that you optimize the use of products that you have. When you buy things that go bad soon after buying it, plan to eat them first in the week. If you can’t eat it before it goes bad because of other reasons, putting things in the freezer until you get the chance to eat it can help!

Make Things In Bulk

It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it doesn’t have to cost much time. In this way, you’re only cooking twice a week and you’re having healthy and delicious things for both lunch and dinner.

Eat In The Season

When you’re eating in the season, things will often be for sale.  For example, at this moment it’s the bell pepper season, meaning they will be discounted.

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