How To Sell Your Junk Car Without The Title: 8 Steps

There are many common misperceptions about used car titles. While it’s true that not having a title can be a red flag, oftentimes, there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to why  it’s missing.

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It is illegal to attempt to sell a car without a title. However, as long as the reason for the lack of a title is legitimate, you will still be able to sell your vehicle.

What Is The Title, And Why Is It Important?

A title, or pink slip, is the legal document proving a  vehicle’s ownership.

What If You Never Registered The Car?

If your car has never gotten a title, you’ll want to have the original sales documentation handy.

What Are The  Selling Options?

1. A private buyer 2. A junkyard 3. Local dealerships (restrictions may apply) 4. Salvage dealers

As a last resort, as long as you can prove ownership, local salvage yards constantly post junk car advertisements, whether on billboards or Google  search results.