How To  Renew Your Passport: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling and seeing new places is a beautiful thing to experience. If you’re going to leave the country, having a passport ready to go  with you on the journey  is necessary.

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How To Renew Your Passport

1. Gather All the Documents Together

– Filled out Form DS-11 – Passport Photo – A current I.D. – Documentation of being a U.S. Citizen

2. Provide Evidence of  U.S. Citizenship

– A U.S. Passport – A document of Naturalization – A Birth certificate to show you were born in the U.S.A.

3. Provide Your Current ID and Photo

These items will help show who you are. A driver’s license  would be suitable to prove  your identity.

4. Schedule an Interview

Apply with the passport acceptance facility closest to  you. These can like post offices  or other types of  government buildings.

5. Pay the Fees

There will be a fee for the passport renewal and the fee for the appointment. So make sure to have the money ready to pay  the fee.