How To Make Money With A 3D Printer In 7 Profitable Ways

Finding the best ways to earn money takes work, but if you really want to get extra income, you can easily find something profitable, like 3D printing.

Here are various and legit ways how to make money with a  3D printer.

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1. Rent Your Printer

A good 3D printer can cost thousands of dollars, which is why many people prefer picking it up on rent.

2. Build Prototypes For Small Businesses

3D printers have made it easy for you to build prototypes. You can take offers from small business owners to build prototypes  for them.

3. Provide A 3D  Printing Service

A 3D printing service can be a good side hustle idea for earning quick money.

4. Sell 3D Printed Items Online

You can use platforms such as Craigslist, LetGo, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon to sell your products and earn money online.

5. Start A 3D  Printing Course

To earn more income out of this job, you can also offer private classes to individuals and charge premium fees for  every lecture.