How To Make Money With A  3D Printer - Is  It Profitable?

Is 3D printing a good business to make extra money? Let’s find out!

Here are various and legit ways how to make money with a  3D printer.

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Making 3D printing videos and showing the world your creativity has a high probability of getting a huge audience worldwide.

1. Create 3D Printing YouTube Videos

You can start your own blog related to 3D printers, how to use them, and the best 3D printers  to buy.

2. Start A 3D Printing Blog

You can manufacture personalized products. Most people on social media have shown a demand for personalized products with the name or pictures of their loved ones  as a gift. 

3. Sell 3D  Printed Items

Big teams with ambitious projects are often willing to pay high prices for 3D printing their products.

4. 3D Printing Service

Printers can be expensive, so you need to set some rules and policies before starting the  rental service.

5. Rent Your Printer


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