How I Make Money On Crowdtap In My Free Time


I’m not talking about all the other gimmicks people try and sell you; I’m talking about an actual app I have used to get real  gift cards.

I'm talking about Crowdtap and how I can earn gift cards by using my free time to answer my mobile  phone surveys.

Crowdtap users share their opinion after testing out new products or answering surveys about potential products or ideas. This helps brands create unique content that customers want.

Earning Points By Completing Missions Missions are actions for users to complete to earn points, which are later exchanged for  gift cards.

Questionnaire Missions The most traditional type of action is the Questionnaire, which is a fancy name for  a survey.

Discussion Missions Discussion Mission connects users and brands to provide valuable feedback in a more personal way.

Poll Missions Polls allow users to answer questions through multiple choice questions or share content over  social media.