How To Make Money As A Teen: Here Are 15 Of The  Best Ways

There are plenty of reasons for a teen to have a job. Earning money can be an empowering experience that gets you ready for adulthood.

You can pick between making money on an hourly basis or a more entrepreneurial or gig basis between the  two directions.

Here are some ways on how to make money as a teen.

1. Lawn And Landscaping Services

Creating a lawn care business can be an excellent opportunity to make money as a teen. The lawn care business scales up as you can buy better equipment.

2. Offer Babysitting Services

You can advertise your babysitting services on a few different apps and platforms to start  getting gigs.

3. Pet Sitting

You can watch a family pet while they go on vacation and make some extra money.

4. Manage Social Media Accounts

The assumption is that teens are great with social media and understand the nuances of each platform.