How To Make A Financial Plan [Without An Advisor]

A financial planner is someone that can coach you with your finances and determine what is best for you in your financial position. For some people this is amazing, and for some people, it is not.

A financial planner is just like any coach, they are experienced and help you to think in the right direction. Some people really need this kind of guidance.

Set Your Goals

Set your financial goals and know which direction you want to head with your finances.

Make A Financial Overview

One of the lessons learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad is that you should identify your assets, liabilities, and money flow.

Make A Financial Plan

People often hire a financial advisor to help with their financial future. But with the rise of low-cost index funds and robo-advisors, anyone is able to start investing independently.

When Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

What you need to look for is a financial advisor that charges an hourly or monthly fee, without taking a percentage of your capital. Also, look for advisors that don’t earn a commission on the product they recommend you.