How To Lock Your Credit – What It Means And Why You Should Consider It

Have you been the victim of identity theft? Do you think you were involved in a data breach online?

You need to protect yourself from criminals looking to harm your credit and use their identity for themselves.

Locking your credit is a preventative measure you can take to prevent any person or agency from accessing your individual information.

What Is A Credit Lock?

You will need to request locks for each credit report to prevent all credit checks as you navigate your way through, avoiding identity theft.

How Do You Lock Your Credit?

Each credit bureau will request that you create a user account on their website or app when you join their program.

How To Unlock Your Credit?

Sadly identity theft and credit fraud are significant causes of concern when it comes to financial safety. It is not getting better as time goes on, so it is as crucial as ever to keep your personal information safe.

When You Should Lock Your Credit?

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