How To Live On Half Your Income & Transform  Your Life


Do you want to live on half your income? Save 50% of your paycheck every month?

If you want to pursue financial independence and/or early retirement, it’s important to keep the amount you save  each month as high  as possible.

Do some testing, research what works for you and what doesn’t, and living on half your income will be your reality in no time!

Calculate what is 50% of your take-home paycheck. When you have calculated half of your take-home pay, you are going to subtract your fixed expenses  from half of your  take-home pay.

For everyone, the biggest gains will be most likely made by cutting your housing expenses.

You cannot go out to eat 3x per week if you want to live on half your income, nor can you go shopping each month.

Everyone has their personal triggers, things that you know will get you through your budget in no time.