How To Journal: 6 Proven Methods To Help You  Get Started


Learning how to journal isn’t always as simple as it seems. To get started, you will need to identify your reasons for starting a journal and what you hope to accomplish during  your journey.

The first step is choosing the journal that’s right for you. Determine why you wanted to journal in the first place and get a journal designed for that specific need.

The next step is to make journaling a habit. The important thing is that you write something down, no matter what it is or how trivial it seems.

Here are a few ideas and journaling tips that will help you get started. - Self-care - Free writing - Journal prompts - Self-discovery - Creative writing

Now that you know how to journal, it’s time to make it a habit. Make journaling part of your daily ritual. Write every day to build it into a routine and make it become second nature to you.