How To Invest In An Airbnb From Out  Of State


You may have just gone on a vacation and decided the people who own the place you are renting were making  a killing.

When thinking about short-term rentals and Airbnb, people usually jump to thinking about great vacation destinations.

Now that we have the idea that there is not a workable business model for Airbnb near you out of the way, why would you look out of state? There could be plenty  of reasons.

From a purely financial perspective, you will want to choose a market with strong rental demand, low demand for property, and good prospects for property price and rental  demand growth.

It is crucial to accurately estimate what your expenses will be to make a sound investment decision.

There is a rule of thumb that a good Airbnb should make 3x the long-term rental rate. You can find an estimate for the monthly rent on Zillow or Rentometer.

A lot can go into the decision of buying a home to use as a short-term rental property. This is a significant investment and should not be rushed into.