How To Invest $200k In 2022: 8 Options To Choose From

There are a lot of options to invest your $200k. The challenge here is to find out the best choice where and how to diversify your money and make the best possible returns for your investment.

The earlier you start investing your $200k, the better so that you can grow your fund. But do remember that the trick here is to spread out your investments and learn to diversify, and this will help you manage your risks and maximize your gains.

How and where to invest your $200k? Here are 8 options that can guide you on your investment journey.

Many personal finance advisers suggest that you should invest 40 to 50% of your $200k in stocks and bonds. The levels of risks differ, but you can get the help of a personal advisor in choosing an option with low or medium risk.

Stock Market

Personal finance advisors generally suggest investing 5% of your capital in cryptocurrencies. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies you can invest in include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Investing In Cryptocurrencies

According to real estate experts, you should invest 10 to 15% of your money in real estate, and the level of risk usually varies with the option. The goal is to ensure that you get a passive income that offers growth.

Real Estate

Peer-to-peer lending has been around for years. This is basically lending money to others and earning income through the returns’ interest.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Gold is an excellent investment in an economic downturn as the price will rise, and your initial investment will increase in value.


The amount that you should invest in a 401(k) depends on your needs. A Solo 401(k) will generate a good amount of money over time, but the ultimate goal should be long-term growth.

Solo 401(K)

You should ensure that such an account pays a higher interest than the average annual inflation rate. We recommend investing 10 to 20% of your portfolio in a savings account.

High Yield Savings Account