Bills Be Gone: How To Get One Month Ahead On Bills

Do you rely on each paycheck to cover your expenses or do you have sufficient funds saved in a savings account or emergency fund to cover your bills for the upcoming month?

How To Get One Month Ahead  On Bills

When analyzing your financial situation, start by determining how much you earn each month and how much you spend.

Evaluate Your Current Income And Expenses

Determine How Much You Need To Set Aside Each Month To Meet Your Goals

Your goals can be anything from saving up for a large purchase or travel to building an emergency fund or retirement savings

Create Categories

The first step is to break your budget down into categories. Common categories include housing, food, bills, entertainment, transportation, and savings.

For each type of expense, you can decide what percentage of your income you can reasonably allocate to it.

Set Up A Savings Plan

Creating an emergency fund is a great way to ensure you can pay for unexpected expenses without going into debt.

Set Up An Emergency Fund For Bills