How To Find a Financial Advisor - Finding the Right One

Before looking for a financial advisor, have you determined if you need one?

Competent financial advisors come in many shapes and sizes. Deciding what you want them to do for you is the key to finding the right advisor.

Our Top Recommendations To Find A Financial Advisor

1. Xy Planning Network

The XY Planning Network is a national organization of over 1,500 affiliated independent financial advisors across the country who primarily serve Gen X and Gen Y clients.

2. Garrett Planning Network

The Garrett Planning Network has been around since 2000. Like XY Planning, they require advisors to be fee-only, financial planning-focused firms.

3. Wealthtender

Launched in 2019, Wealthtender offers a fresh approach to finding a financial advisor with easy-to-use directories and guides and a modern interface similar  to Netflix.

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most critical decisions to help you plan for your financial future.

Remember, it starts with what you want an advisor to do for you. Without that, you’re more likely to make the  wrong decision.