How To Fight A Speeding Ticket: Everything You Need To Know

Many people think that fighting a speeding ticket is easy. After all, who wants to pay a fine when they weren’t even doing anything wrong? Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where ignorance is bliss.

When you get pulled over by a police officer, you need to remain calm and be polite. If the officer asks for your license and registration, hand them over immediately. Do not argue with the officer, and if you don’t know why they stopped you, ask them politely.

Never Admit Guilt

If you’ve committed a traffic offense, don’t admit guilt. It’s not going to help you out at all. Instead, the officer may decide to give you a warning instead of writing you a ticket.

I’m Getting A Ticket. Now What?

If you were in the wrong, don’t waste your time filing a frivolous complaint that goes nowhere.

Look For Citation Errors

If you’ve ever had a citation issued by a police officer, you know citations can be challenging to deal with. But if you want to avoid paying fines and fees, it’s essential to understand what they are and how to fight them.

Attend Defensive Driving School Instead Of Paying The Fine

If you’ve received a traffic citation, attending a defensive driving course may be worth it rather than paying the fine.

Should I Hire A Lawyer?

The first thing you should know is that it’s not always necessary to hire a lawyer if you want to fight a speeding ticket in court. Many people have successfully fought tickets in court without legal representation.

Challenge Radar Gun Evidence

Police officers use a radar gun to measure the speed of vehicles. It uses infrared beams to detect the vehicle’s velocity, which then calculates its speed based on the distance it travels between each pulse.

Question The Officer’s Testimony

Ask about the officer’s training records, whether he has kept up to date with his required training, and any necessary refreshers to maintain radar certifications.

Don’t Forget About Body Cameras

Be sure you don’t lie about the interaction in court because the officer will show the body camera video, making you look foolish.

Do Cops Show Up For Traffic Tickets?

Yes, they do. In the past, people would take the chance that the officer would not show up, and their citation would be dismissed.