How To Create A Life You Don’t Need To Escape From

Your goal should be to take good care of yourself at the moment AND work towards your long-term goals. This quote reminds me that we should all aim to create a life we enjoy. If that feels impossible to you right now, aim to create a life that you don’t hate.

Create a life where you don’t have to purchase things to make yourself happy, a life where you look forward to things, and a life where you can pursue whatever makes you happy.

Try To Figure Out What You Want

If you want to figure out what you want, you can ask yourself these questions: – What brings you joy? – What are you passionate about? – Can you do more of that? – What adjustments can you make in your life that make this possible?

Get Rid Of Clutter

Try decluttering and getting rid of your stuff for yourself, and you’ll notice how much freedom it gives you.

Focus On Relationships

Find your tribe, find people who support you on the quest to your goal, and you will notice that your quality of life increases significantly.

Take Care Of Yourself

Try to say no to things that don’t fall under ‘things that I enjoy’. People who created a life they don’t need to escape from haven’t reached that by saying yes to everything.

Stop Being Afraid Of Failure

Every time you fail, you learn something. You fall forward. You reach the next level. Being afraid of failure means that oftentimes you don’t even try. You give up on your goals before you even started.

Don’t Give Up

Great things often require you to work hard. To put in a lot of work. You might work long hours, have multiple jobs, start a side hustle, help your family, and more.