How To Become An Investor On A $26,000 Salary?

When you're under the impression that investing is for wealthy people, think again!

Here are the steps I took to become a serious investor  on a  $26,000 salary.

1. I Opened A Brokerage Account

I started investing with DEGIRO, which is a low-cost European broker. I started investing with my tax refund for the financial year 2017 and haven’t looked  back since.

2. I Invest A Fixed Amount Per Month

Investing monthly and investing a fixed amount of money every month, makes sure that my portfolio is adding money to it every month.

3. I Invest Mostly In Low-Cost ETFs

If you’re investing year over year, the lower the fees you pay, the more money you will keep in your portfolio.

4. I Decided To Diversify My Portfolio

It’s just to say that it’s hard to diversify your portfolio when you don’t have massive amounts of money to start with.

5. I Get Really Lazy About My Investments

When you let your portfolio do the work for you, you will generally make money over a long period  of time.