How To Become A Plumber – Earning $95K Per Year?


If you are one of the many who are trying to find out how to become a plumber because you’re interested in the profession, then know that your instincts are right on the money  – literally.

So what are the different expectations for this occupation? Can you see yourself still working in the industry five years after learning how to become a plumber?

1. The first requirement is finishing high school with a diploma or completing equivalent educational attainment.

2. A paid apprenticeship program that usually requires 2,000 hours where you are taught safety codes  and regulations.

3. Another 5 years under the mentorship of a master plumber.

4. Obtain proper credentials such as plumber's advanced license and certificates.

The plumbing industry will continue to thrive for as long as people worldwide continue to depend on the absolute convenience of  their services.