How To Beat Lifestyle Inflation? (The Easy Way)

If you’re still wondering what the heck lifestyle creep is, it is a situation where your standard of living improves. This implies that you spend more money.

Lifestyle inflation can block the entire way between you and your goals. Your personal capital may change with the amount of money you receive but you should never forget budgeting and financial planning that is geared towards financial freedom.

The issue with lifestyle inflation is not that you spend more one time. Rather, you structurally increase your lifestyle to a point where your wants are now becoming needs.

Reset your spending habits to a point where you default become questing every non-essential purchase for 30 days.

Spend Money For Joy

When you’ve received any bonus or raise, try to bank 90% of it. 10% you can spend on whatever you want but try to bank the rest.

Bank Raises And Bonuses

Paying off debt will give you room to breathe, and it will help you stay motivated towards your financial goals.

Prioritize Paying Off Debt