How To Ask For A Raise (& Getting It!) – 9 Ways To Do It [Politely]

When you want to increase your savings, you can either increase your income or decrease your expenses.

We all know how this can get uncomfortable for you, but you shouldn’t. It is perfectly normal to ask for a raise.

So, what do you need to do before you talk to your boss? Planning and preparing are crucial, as this may be the defining factor if you will get that raise or not.

It Is Normal To Ask For A Raise

Please bear in mind that it is not wrong to ask for a raise. It is very normal for our employers. They know that it is normal for employees to ask for a raise, and it is our right to do so.

Timing Is Important

Remember to give your boss the details of why you deserve to get a raise. Don’t talk about why you want more money.

Know Your Last Salary Increase

You have to assess your performance instead of just asking for a raise because you want to have it.

Know Your Company’s Salary Structure

You have to factor in how your company handles raises with their employees. They have policies on how and when to give salary increases.

Know Your Worth

Think about what your position is within the company? Did you get extra responsibilities over the past year? If your research shows that your market value is too low, talk to your boss!

Know Who You’re Dealing With

Think about how they can react to certain questions, counter your argument, and how the personal relationship with that person is.

Have Your BATNA Ready (Best Alternative To A Negotiation Agreement)

When your boss only wants to give you a $200 salary raise, that’s okay. You have the opportunity now to ask for extra holidays or perks like working from home.

Keep The Conversation Going

Your salary will increase only if you ask for a higher salary. Ask for a sit-down to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a merit increase.